Malaga flights will take you straight to the sun splashed Gold Coast, and with plenty of affordable non stop cheap flights to Malaga available from destinations all over Europe, you will find that your journey is as smooth and effortless as can be. When your flights to Malaga touch down you can get ready to see some of the most splendid sights of Andalucia. These include the glorious beaches of the Costa del Sol, the magnificent Alcazba and the amazing Picasso Museum. In addition, Malaga is famed for its night life, as well as for its fantastic range of places to eat, drink and stroll. Annual festivals liven things up no matter what the season. Book your flights Malaga to combine with holy week (Semana Santa), for example, and you can look forward to some of Spain’s most famously lavish and majestic processions. Malaga can also be your starting point for further explorations. Take the bus down to Tarifa in the very South of Spain, for instance, and you can take the short ferry ride over to North Africa for the day and pick up some souvenirs in a traditional Moroccan Medina.

Cheap Flights to Malaga are so quick!

If you are flying to Malaga from London, you will find that it will take you around two hours and 50 (or 55) minutes to reach your destination with no stops needed. When flying from Amsterdam, direct flights are just 3 hours and 5 minutes, whilst the journey from Edinburgh to Malaga takes a mere three and a quarter hours non stop. Flights with stops are also available (and these can take around 5 hours in total, though you can use the stopover to do a little quick sight seeing in your stopover destination). It is also possible to fly to Malaga from other airports in the UK. Flights from Manchester to Malaga are also very popular, for example, and take just three hours. Leaving the rain and gloom of the UK behind has never been simpler. Just a short journey on a plane (with just enough time to drink a glass of red wine and flick through your tourist guide as you soar above the clouds) and you will land in the glorious heat and the beautiful blue skies of Spain’s Gold Coast. Though this is a quick getaway, it really does take you in to a whole new world – a different culture, different food and different weather too. Accommodation here is also very cheap: whether you want to camp, rent an apartment, stay in a pet friendly hotel or hire out a private villa, you will have no problem finding a place to stay that is just right for you and your needs.

Budget airlines make it easier than ever to book cheap flights Malaga

The cost of flights to Malaga has really been cut down a lot in recent years, and this is mainly due to the fact that budget airlines are monopolising flights on this route. As a result, it is so easy to pick up cheap flights on a whim, to book at short notice and still get a good deal, and to have plenty of money left over for sight seeing and amusing yourself in Malaga after you have bought your flight. Easyjet flights to Malaga and Ryanair flights to Malaga will usually cost under £100 return. Book early, and book off peak, and you could find yourself travelling from Gatwick to Malaga for less than £50 for a round trip. Experts often say that securing your flights two months in advance will help you to take advantage of the best deals, but equally there are often last minute offers on flights Malaga available from airlines keen to fill up their last few seats. Flights from London to Malaga are very popular, but if you want to pick up cheaper Easyjet flights to Malaga (or flights from other budget friendly airlines, such as Ryanair flights to Malaga), it makes sense to explore other options. Getting the bus to Manchester and then catching flights from Manchester to Malaga could shave several dozen pounds off your total travel cost, for example, when compared to travelling to London then flying from London to Malaga.

What to pack for your Costa del Sol holidays

Baggage allowances on budget airlines tend to enable you to bring at least a couple of suitcases with you. There are a few essentials that it is a good idea to pack to ensure that you can make the most of your Costa del Sol holidays once your cheap flights Malaga touch down. Firstly, sun cream, sun shades and a sun hat are essential, especially in summer as the sun here can get very hot. The life style in this part of the world is nice and laid back, so simply pack a few summery garments like a summer dress or some shorts, some light sandals and a cardigan or light sweater for the evenings. If you are planning on exploring the world famous night life then adding a party outfit or two to your suitcase is a good idea. Water sports are very popular here, so if you already own surfing or snorkelling gear, feel free to bring it. However, it is very easy to hire everything from boats to wetsuits on the Gold Coast. The currency here is Euros, so exchanging your local currency for Euros before hopping on to your Malaga flights is a good idea. Finally, if you do not already speak the local language – Spanish – it is a great idea to pop a couple of Spanish phrasebooks and a dictionary in your suitcase so that you can communicate with locals and integrate more into Gold Coast life.

Book your cheap flights to Malaga today

Hesitating over whether to book a weekend away next month? Booking online really does just take a few moments. If you have been thinking of flying from Edinburgh to Malaga, or taking the plane from Gatwick to Malaga, you will find that there are numerous services operating every single week. This is especially the case with London to Malaga flights – there are numerous flights from London to Malaga operating every single day. Surprise your partner with a romantic getaway, celebrate your honeymoon in style, or treat the whole family to a fantastic long summer holiday by booking your flights today.

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