Flamenco Shows

Flamenco is an artistic expression that combines three elements: singing, guitar and dancing. The origins of flamenco lie in the region on Andalucía

How is the flamenco music interpreted?

The man or the lady will be sitting down and looking straight ahead. They will start off with an array of profound feelings expressed with great simplicity. They will go through several states of mind and radiate unparalleled passion. I have always liked to define it as “Pure expression of the body and the mind”. Flamenco music and flamenco guitar are performances you can not miss.

Now let’s look into the guitar (flamenco music)

The sound of the flamenco guitar has to be truly authentic and therefore it is necessary to grasp the perfect technique. The body and the instrument have to merge into one to obtain a flawless rendition. This technique will be grasped after many years of practising with the guitar and when this union is finally achieved, the performance will be sublime. To witness a live performance of a guitar master opposite a true flamenco music singer will be without a doubt an unforgettable and unparalleled experience. Who does not carry Paco de Lucía and Camarón de la Isla in their memory and in their heart? Not forgetting other important names such as: Ramón Montoya, Sabicas, Manolo Sanlúcar and Serranito.

The dance expresses a whole range of emotions which the body will have to flawlessly perform, this means that the body is the instrument of the flamenco dancer. Passion and pure energy. The technique is complex and the interpretation can vary depending on who is performing it. If it is a man he will perform with great strength and the main element will be his feet. If it is a lady she will perform in an energetic but more sensual manner.

Flamenco music and flamenco dance are a great art which is much admired in many countries. It is universal and nowadays we can enjoy performances from flamenco dancers from many different countries. Many Japanese travel to Andalucia to find masterful lessons and live for a time in the unique and special aura of flamenco music and flamenco dance.


A little bit of history never goes a miss

Its origins are not totally clear due to the melting pot of cultures which existed at the time in Andalucia. But we can categorically confirm that it now has two centuries of history. Firstly the singing was born, later on the guitar and dancing would accompany it, so it was not left alone. Flamenco music and flamenco dance originated from family reunions where flamenco singers would perform basic songs. During the middle of the 19th century it took a big leap when it was introduced into theatres and cafes of various cities: Seville, Cadiz and Jerez de la Frontera. Flamenco singers became artists. In the 20th century flamenco shows emerged from the hand of Pepe Marchena, a renowned artist. Manuel de Falla was the prime mover of a renowned flamenco contest held in the fabulous city of Granada (Concurso de Cante Jondo). In this celebration Manolo Caracol triumphed like no other. Later on the era of the flamenco stage (tablao) arrived and the first books on the art of flamenco music and flamenco dance were published. In the 60s two great artists named Camaron de la Islaand Paco de Lucía came onto the scene in a resounding and striking manner. They both create new bridges and new approaches as far as interpretation was concerned. At that moment flamenco music and flamenco dance became renowned worldwide. From this moment on the doors were open for investigation and for a new turnaround. Nowadays there are new takes on the art which are a result of the fusion and blend of different music styles.

We highlight the names of: Ketama, Pata Negra, Navajita Platea and Chano Domínguez.


The outfits and accessories (flamenco music and flamenco dance)

A flamenco outfit will not go unnoticed as they are quite extravagant. The accessories are also very important to give it the necessary magic touch. We have listed them here: the hair comb, the earrings, the shawl, the bracelets, the necklaces, the castanets, the fans, the flowers and of course the brooches.

How many frills does a dress have? It can have from as little as one to as many as nine. The frills can be sewed in on different levels of the outfit. There are three types of sleeves: short, half or long. For the neckline there is a variety of designs and the back can be totally covered or revealed. For the train of the dress, which gives the dress its undeniable elegance, there are three designs to choose from depending on the preferred length.

Flamenco consists of a varied selection of dances which will give us the opportunity to use our creativity, energy and the passion we have inside.

The names are the following: Alegría, Bulería, Fandango, Tango, Sevillana and Soleá.

Flamenco dance

One of the best ways to perceive the essence of the dancing is to see it in photographs. Here you can contemplate in detail the beauty and the plasticity of the art of flamenco. A true pleasure for our senses.

Here is a list of films based on flamenco music and flamenco dance:


Los Tarantos” (1963)
directed by Francisco Rovira Veleta


Bodas de Sangre” (1981)
directed by Carlos Saura


El amor brujo” (1986)
directed by Carlos de Saura


Camarón” (2005)
directed by Jaime Chávarri

Visitors who come to the magical city of Malaga must not miss out on the fantastic opportunity to get to know the marvellous world of flamenco and enjoy a performance such as Flamenco Dance, Flamenco Music or Flamenco Show. We recommend watching one of these shows as they are worth seeing and it will be an unforgettable experience. We are sure that you will thoroughly enjoy it. We are pleased to inform you that these shows are held daily at 19:00h and 21.00h.

Book with us and do not miss out on the chance to enjoy Flamenco Dance, Flamenco Music and Flamenco Show.

True live passion made reality! Who offers a better show?

Book with us and do not miss out on the chance to enjoy Flamenco Dance, Flamenco Music and Flamenco Show.

True live passion made reality! Who offers a better show?

The payment must be made in advance and it can be made via credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

We will contact you as soon as possible with confirmation via email.

The payment must be made in advance and it can be made via credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

We will contact you as soon as possible with confirmation via email.

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