Fuengirola is a city of Malaga which has a large extension of beaches where you will be blown away by the charm of Costa del Sol. It was categorised as a town when it separated from Mijas in 1841, when it was still a small fishing village. Nowadays Fuengirola is one of the main tourist destinations of the Andalusian coast thanks to the many options it has to offer its visitors.

Things to do in Fuengirola

One of the main attractions of this town is the beach of Fuengirola. With 8 kilometres of coast divided into seven urban beaches, the beaches of Fuengirola have been granted a blue flag, the only town in Spain with this distinction in all of its beaches.

In the main they are low beaches with light sand and calm water where you can go with the flow of the tranquillity of the sea and the environment. There is always a high number of visitors due to the renowned popularity of this Andalusian town. From North to South the beaches are Carvajal, Los Boliches-Las Gaviotas (the beach of Las Gaviotas has services which make it suitable for disabled people), Torreblanca, San Francisco, Santa Amalia, Fuengirola and Elejido Castillo. These beaches boast areas used to practise sports such as windsurfing, beach volleyball or water sports, so that the only concern of the people who choose this place as a holiday destination is to enjoy themselves.

The promenade of Fuengirola is another important attraction in this area. It is the largest one in Spain and the preferred place for many tourists who visit this town. The promenade of Fuengirola is a spacious location ideal for taking a walk, and it is tastefully decorated with palm trees that cover the whole length of the promenade, with flowers and benches to rest and take a very pleasant stroll, and suitable for all people.

However things to do in Fuengirola is not only limited to water activities or an unforgettable day at the beach in idyllic surroundings, this town also has an endless number of options for history, culture and nature lovers. The legacy of its Phoenician, Roman and Arabic origins make this area one of the most complete destinations where you can have lots of fun and be amazed, deeming it adequate for all tastes.

One of the most interesting activities of this tourist destination are the endless number of events which take place throughout the year. In Fuengirola the apartments are the best choice to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of this town and experience all its traditions and events in the best possible manner. For example, every Tuesday there is an outside market, one of the largest outside markets of Malaga and Costa del Sol, a meeting point for many visitors, both from nearby towns and tourists from other places. Another important event and which can be experienced in the best way by staying in a rental apartment is La Feria del Rosariowhich is celebrated in honour of Nuestra Señora del Rosario (local patron saint). In this fair singing festivals and heifer shows take place.

There is also a second hand market which takes place every Saturday morning. It is a very famous market along Costa del Sol where you can find all types of objects.

The Cinema Festival is an event which offers a large number of feature films and short films for its visitors to enjoy. The lack of finance has contributed to the hard times this festival has been through.

The popular celebrations that take place in this area of Costa del Sol are an important attraction for visitors and locals. During Semana Santa (Easter celebration) a wide range of renowned processions take place. The Fiestas del Rosario which are celebrated in October offer many diverse shows that include singing, Andalusian dancing and horse shows, for all visitors to enjoy.

Things to do in Fuengirola: Fuengirola Culture

Another attraction of this tourist destination can be found in the many areas of cultural interest is has. One of them is Castle Sohail. It has been built upon an ancient Roman fortress and it is located on a small hill next to the mouth of the river. The part of the castle which is still standing and which can be visited nowadays corresponds to the era of Abderraman III, who ordered the castle to be built in the year 956. It is the symbol of the city and from here you can contemplate breathtaking views of the city.

Finca del Secretario is another place which we must not forget, a Roman archaeological site which recalls the 1st and 5th century. It is located in Barrio de los Pacos, next to Arroyo Pajares. This site features a room with a portico decorated with mosaics and two ovens which were formerly used for heating the thermal baths. In 1991 the thermal baths of Torreblanca were discovered, another Roman archaeological site. During the visit you will discover in detail what the thermal baths were like during the Roman Era.

In this town along the Andalusian coast boasts the Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, the main Catholic temple located in Plaza de la Constitución. This building features the door that represents a refined baroque style with two pilasters and a divided pediment, which provide this temple with a unique and incomparable majesty. Plaza de La Constitución has an amazing, glamorous and lively atmosphere, ideal for all types of shopping.

Things to do in Fuengirola: Fuengirola Leisure

Bioparc, the zoo of Fuengirola, is a perfect choice to enjoy everything nature has to offer. The zoo of Fuengirola is an animal and leisure park which has managed to implement its own type of zoo management. Its special design enables visitors to submerge themselves in all nature’s secrets and take in all nature has to offer. The animal habitat has no secrets in this special environment based on the respect of nature and the preservation of species. 130 species live here at Bioparc, amongst which we can find the Sumatran tiger, the Malayan gharial and the blue duiker. Additionally this zoo offers a wide range of activities for its visitors, such as bird and mammal shows, African dances and entertainment making learning about nature a fun and unforgettable experience.

Another option in Fuengirola is to pay a visit to Aquapark Mijas which offers a large number of water rides where you can have a great time. It has a wave pool, kamikaze, slide maze, fast slides, and adventure river, amongst other attractions. Aquapark Mijas is an idyllic destination for the whole family. It has areas to eat, large grass areas and sun beds so that everyone can enjoy their time at this water park, whether it be spent enjoying the high thrill rides or just relaxing in one of the areas for this purpose.

We look forward to receiving you in Fuengirola. In this gem of Costa del Sol and its surroundings you will find everything you need to make your holiday unforgettable.

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