Travel Guide: The Malaga Fair

The Malaga Fair is one of the most important national festive events. It takes place in this Andalusian city mid month of August (the last edition was celebrated between the 13th and 20th of August) and visitors for all over Spain and the world attend. Its origins lie in the commemoration of the integration of the city to the Crown of Castille in the year 1487. Nowadays it is renowned for its recreational nature: it is a must for youngsters, who find in the Malaga Fair a unique way to have fun and fraternise. Recreational activities for older adults also take place.

The starting signal to the Malaga Fair is the so called announcement (pregón), which kick-starts a festival which will be a whole week of endless fun. The leaders of the city choose an important local character to explain to their fellow citizens their views on the Malaga Fair and their experience. In past events personalities as distinguished as actors Antonio Banderas and Antonio de la Torre, television presenter María Teresa Campos, or singers Pablo Alborán, Pasión Vega and Vanesa Martín have made the opening announcement of this celebration.

The Malaga Fair streets

Calle Larios during the Malaga Fair

Horseback riding by the Malaga fair

The Malaga Fair: Activities

Once the announcement has been made, The Malaga Fair begins. The main features of the Malaga Fair is the non-stop activities: during the whole week throughout the whole day there is entertainment all over the city. In the morning and in the afternoon the so called “Day Feria” is held, in the centre of the city, with music activities, dancing (traditional local dancing shows wearing the folklore outfits), food and drink. Visitors gather together under shelters and marquees with music to enjoy and experience a unique type of atmosphere. When the sun goes down the so called “Night Feria” starts, which is held on the outskirts of the city at “El Real”. This area is the epicentre of the Fair and here concerts, parades, shows and many other fun activities take place, which are greatly enjoyed by visitors.

View of night of the Feria of Malaga

The Malaga Fair attractions 

The Malaga Fair façade

 The Malaga Fair, the main tourist attraction of the year for the city

Therefore all day long the city is a hot spring of people of many different nationalities who have come to experience Costa del Sol and go to The Feria to live a unique experience. The flamenco touch of the event, the lantern decorations in the city, horses and carriages wandering around the city and the locals dressed in traditional frilly outfits, give the celebration a special feel. In addition throughout the week there is a bull fair which takes place, with the best bull fighters of the moment in the famous Plaza de la Malagueta.

All of the above makes the Malaga Fair the main tourist attraction of the year for the city, which welcomes around two million visitors, generating an income of more than 35 million euros.

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