Arab Baths Hammam Al Andalus

The Hamman, recently renovated, is a monumental space that shows the essence of traditional Arab baths of Al Andalus, where the main objective is the care of all the senses, recovering customs more features of Arab baths, in this space we get It delights the eye with architecture, hearing the soft chords of Andalusian music, olfafo is immersed in the scent of flowers, taste with the traditional tea and delicate touch massage.

Has five baths of water at different temperatures that are part of the routine ritual of purification and beauty, we also find steam rooms, rest and massage, all accompanied by an ensemble known for its stylish decor inducing Nazari the mind-body relaxation.

We met a pioneer place in Spain thanks to the use of a geothermal system for energy supply, thus resulting in the fusion of cutting-edge technology with the legacy of ancient traditions.

Description of services and prices:

Relaxing Bath: This is a 90-minute tour through the various baths of cold, hot and warm water, dry heat room, hall of the Aromas and tea corner.

Relaxing Bath and Massage (15 minutes): In the course of relaxing bath includes 15 minutes of relaxing massage with essential oils, whose aroma can choose in the Corner Aromas.

Relaxing Bath and Massage (30 minutes): In the course of relaxing bath includes 30 minutes of relaxing massage with essential oils.


Traditional bathroom and kessa (15 minutes): In the course of relaxing bath it includes 15 minutes of Traditional kessa. Traditional kessa is a service that is performed on a hot stone, covering the body with natural soap foam and red grape glove rubbing with a cotton fiber in order to activate the blood circulation and remove impurities skin.

Bath and Ritual Al Andalus (30 minutes): This is one of our most complete, within the travel services include relaxing bath Traditional kessa 15 minutes followed by 15 minutes of relaxing massage with essential oils.

Bath and Ritual Nazari (45 minutes): Our full service combines the rejuvenating effect of skin cleansing traditional Arabic style to later complete this experience of relaxation of body and mind with a massage of essential oils, so it feels transported to another era.

Hammam tour:

The experience in our bathrooms lasts 90 minutes, where the route to follow is to customer choice. However, we recommend starting with a warm water shower and then go to the warm room (37 ° C) in order to keep the beginning of the session to the same body temperature.

Once the skin relaxed and ready to start the tour, we went to the hot room (39oC) and steam bath (40oC). The action of the steam and high temperatures contribute to the elasticity and skin hydration. The pores swell and start sweating, which facilitates deep cleaning of the skin. The steam also promotes vasodilation and the elimination of toxins.

During the massage bath continues the process of relaxation by relaxing massage or Traditional kessa with a glove made of cotton fiber by removing dead skin cells and cleanse it of impurities and toxins.

Finally, in the cold room (20oC) is resting to recover the usual temperature. The action of cold water clears muscles enable further movement and once out of the water, the body is relaxed and feeling of lightness in the extremities.

It is advisable to hydrate the body along the entire route. At guests’ disposal will teapots to serve green tea with mint. Green tea has antioxidant, hydrating, stimulating and has almost no contraindications.

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