Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport is situated 8 km from Malaga city on the Costa del Sol.Costa del Sol International Airport remains one of the busiest airports in Andalucia, Spain, in 2014 they crossed the threshold of approximately 13,749,134 passengers. The airport has both cities as destinations in Spain and abroad, are about 20 daily domestic flights, and more than 60 flights in European cities and fly in Africa.People in Northern Europe, Germany and the UK as tourists were top choices Malaga Airport.

Tourism in Spain has many benefits from this airport, especially the Andalucia, Costa del Sol.He is at a distance of 5 km north of Torremolinos and 8 km southwest of Malaga.Costa de Sol International Airport has links with over 60 countries worldwide.The airport in Andalucia is an important international traffic line as 85% of this traffic takes place here. In the summer held many international flights, with direct flights to the Middle East, Africa and North America.

Access is an important way for tourists Costa del Sol, and in the same time for those who visit Andalucia, such as Sierra Nevada mountains in cold season, the airport became a modern airport and one of the most popular in Spain.  Pierre Latécoère, a noted French aviation engineer branch, flew over Malaga while looking for a place to land.  He wanted to find different locations for airfields, thus settling airlines linking France to its colonies in Spain.During that year, he tried several test flights.During 1937 Malaga airport has created an air base, and in 1946 was recognized as an airport of entry, which opened access to national and international flights.After 2 years was known as commercial airport.


The airport began to be modernized during the last 12 years, this expansion includes a runway, rolling access, development of terminals in mid airport,parking for aircraft and a passenger terminal.In 1968 it was celebrated a new terminal, which deals with the transfer of all national and international flights.Air traffic was becoming more frequent, and this led to a gain in 1972.

In the 90’s began construction of one another terminal which was the name Pablo Ruiz Picasso to wear, the one mentioned above do not stink face of such flights and was designed by Ricardo Bofill of. Traffic was becoming more crowded, and this has led the development of a car park in 1995 is linked to the terminal by a tunnel.Also in 1995 it has been developed aircraft hanger and a cargo terminal.During the year 2002 it was celebrated a newly built control tower.

Over a decade they were made many improv- ing, but the desire to modernize the airport was increasing. By 2010, Malaga Plan “has allocated 900 million euros, but 330 of them were for the airport.Similar to an airport in Malaga, infrastructure needs as well made.


Airport modernization aimed at protecting the environment, land, water and atmosphere at the same time, near Guadalhorce.

In case you did not know that Malaga Airport is the oldest airport in Spain, know that lately won and is situated in a very good position, even if it can not be compared to some airports in the capitals of Europe.

Terminal 3 is attached to Terminal 2 and has 12 locations boarding an additional belt that is used only for special luggage, 84 check-in points, 2 are special counters for baggage.Besides Terminal 3 newly built was created and the fleet which has a capacity of 2,500 seats and parking for buses is in the basement of Terminal 3 and also a train station for commuters Fuengirola, Malaga center and vice versa.

In 2011 the airport was named Airport Malaga Costa del Sol,, “and in 2012 was inaugurated a runway 2,750 meters, plus 340 meters for the aircraft are small.In 2014 it opened a new southern access to the airport to not be busy main road and to facilitate departures and arrivals at Terminal 3.

Since it was inaugurated Terminal 3, Terminal 1 is less used and Terminal 2 was refurbished, but no flights are leaving from here.Although the airport has three terminals, nearly all flights leaving from Terminal 3. It has three pillars, namely:

Pier B: is used only for non-European traffic

Pier C: is used only for non-Schengen traffic

Pier D: is used only for Schengen traffic

Costa del Sol International Airport has 4 parking areas that are meant to serve the public parking and is located near the airport.  Parking are limited in several categories depending on customer demand: Long-term, short duration, VIP parking.Parking areas at the airport in Malaga is located in front of Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, in the General Aviation Terminal and also the VIP area.There are parking areas at the airport some car rental companies.Near the airport there are several low-cost parking that offers several services and features transfers.


The track has a 13/31 orientation, has a length of 3200×45 meters and is located at a height of 16 meters.Costa del Sol International Airport has 2 runways form ,, V “, the difference between them is 14 degrees, and is 52 feet above sea level. The track has a 13/31 orientation, has a length of 3200×45 meters and is located at a height of 16 meters. In the Costa del Sol airport there is an exhibition hall which is the arrivals hall of Terminal 3, and when they are generally held exhibitions of their authors. National Museum of Air Transport and Airport is also in the Costa del Sol International Airport in General Aviation Terminal, with the following schedule:

Morning: museum is open Tuesday-Sunday between 10: 00-14: 00

After lunch: Tuesday from 17: 00-20: 00

Every Monday the museum is closed, also in Holy Thursdays and Fridays, and on days 24, 25, December 31 and January 1 the first day of the New Year.There are some facilities for students, but to benefit from them must be present in office.

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