Skewered fish


Skewered fish

In this section we are going to discuss the things that we most like about Málaga in a more personal manner to help our guests get to know the city better and know places that only locals would know and probably wouldn’t visit during their stay.

Firstly, this week, I would like to start by recommending guests not to leave the city without trying our skewered fish. In general, the gastronomy of Málaga is very rich and there is a wide range of dishes I would recommend without thinking twice, but today I would specifically like to tell you about skewered fish and about the best place to eat it.

The “espeto” is a technique which consists of piercing the fish to roast it on the grill. Using a boat filled with sand, the fish is pierced by a cane and wedged in the sand. It may seem like an easy task but the fish can fall apart if not done correctly. Normally this way of cooking fish is performed in the chiringuitos on the beach but it can also be done in a restaurant if the technique is known.

In Spain we say that skewered sardines must be eaten during the months that do not contain an “R”. Therefore we commend you try them during the months of May, June, July and August.

If you would like to try some skewered sardines, any chiringuito along the beach of Málaga is a good option. However, if you would like to really enjoy the flavour this technique gives fish and meat, we recommend without hesitation meredero-chiringuito El Litoral. This chiringuito is located on Sacaba Beach where you can choose from a wide variety of fish and meat cooked on a skewer.

Sacaba Beach is located at the end of promenade Antonio Banderas. If you stay in one of our apartments, we recommend you book a table in the morning and have a day at the beach and eat at restaurant El Litoral. On foot it will take approx. one hour. If you prefer not to walk you can also take the bus or a taxi.

When you arrive there you can book your table, and in the meantime have a dip in the sea. However, we also provide you with the telephone number so you can call and book in advance. Without booking it is very difficult to get a table because the restaurant is always full: +0034 637 16 81

When you arrive at Sacaba Beach we recommend you order skewered sardines, skewered squid and skewered octopus. I could not say which one is more delicious but they are all very tender and the taste is sweet. I haven’t tried anything as delicious for a long time. Additionally, the sea is only 5 metres away from the tables so afterwards you can have a swim in the Mediterranean and do some sunbathing.

An absolute luxury to spend a holiday: sun, sea and Mediterranean food.


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